I believe I am going to try doing weekly posts or if something in particular happens that week. Just like... this one? I guess.

Monday and Tuesday I had to call in sick due to a tinnitus caused by my glasses. Now, you may ask how that might've caused, right? Well, my glasses were too tight on my left sight, to the point that the pressure disrupted the bloodflow, causing a tinnitus on my left ear. Honestly, I did not know how in the hells that was possible, but I think I'm the living proof that it is. Anyways, it made me go to the optician on Tuesday, requesting to loosen the left side of my frames to avoid further damage.

Wednesday I was going to the cinema watching Guardians of the Galaxy 3. I am not going to spoil the video for those who still want to watch it and/or wait till it's out on Disney+. But it almost made me cry and made me realize how much I like Sci-Fi (ironically I am not really fond of Star Wars). I want to write a little story. I got some characters in mind, along with a certain story, but each to its own. Planning is important and all that. And a friend has recommended Obsidian as a program. I'll look into it when I have the time.

In regards of my IRL projects, I have recently picked up crocheting as a stimming hobby. And perhaps sometime in the future I will post some of the finished projects. I believe that crocheting is one of the few things that would keep me calm or when I don't have something to do and always get back to. I'm still new to crocheting, so I certainly will learn more about it while I can.

"The small start of something big"

Another project I am currently working on is a Modded Minecraft server, which has the name "Enstarriecraft+". It used to be only "Enstarriecraft", but then I decided to make it modded instead of vanilla, hence why the + in the end. The modpack contains so many things, and my current weakness is the tech stuff. Some of it for example is my little turtle. She is perfect for strip mining and other many things that would make things easy to get resources.

Don't underestimate her.

And if it's not my turtle, it's my little basement in which I try several things involved with tech.

Baby steps at best.

With Weekend coming, I probably might do some adult stuff, like cleaning. Tonight is eurovision finale, and I might be watching it with my american boyfriend. I watched it with him last year, and it was funny. Of course we were kinda bummed at the winner, so we hope it's getting much better this year.

Perhaps there will be a new post next week we will see.
Until then!