about me!

name: fey
other nicknames: short king, feyfey
birth date: feb 9th 1993
zodiac: aquarius moon ; libra moon ; virgo rising
pronouns: he + they
gender: nonbinary transmasculine
sexuality: biromantic asexual ; ambiamourous
relationship status: taken
nationality: french-luxembourgish
residence: in your closet or under your bed
mbti: infj
other stuff: adhd + autistic

little bio:
if the above information ain't enough for you, i may tell you a few more other things. i was born and raised in luxembourg, moved to germany in 2012 and graduated in media design in 2017. i don't like disclosing my weight or my height due to my dysmorphia, but know i am shorter than most of you, hence why some of my friends call me 'short king'. i have a sweet tooth, drink the german soda 'spezi' like water, and have done webdesign since i was 12. right now i am working at the kitchen in a facility for disabled people, but aim to look for a job elsewhere if given the opportunity.

where to find me:
✱ 𝐟𝐞𝐲。#9933

more funfacts:

i like to code and get more into development.
i recently started knitting as a stimming hobby.
i play a variety of games; right now i mainly play, minecraft, honkai star rail and ensemble stars.
my interests change a lot depending on my mood.
i do tarot and am a pagan witch.
i have been dating my boyfriend dominick for almost five years, and we never had an argument or a relationship break.
i do a lot of role playing on discord.
i am perpetually exhausted and have body and back pains most of the time, but i've gotten used to it.
i am in a lot of fandoms.
i love cooking, though due to my job i don't cook as frequent as before.
i'm a disgusting, yet proud millenial.